Hi! My name is Cassandra Briscoe and I am twenty-two years old. I was born in Denver, Colorado but we moved to Columbus when I was four years old. I am half black and half Indian, my father being black and my mother being Indian. My dad is a computer programmer and my mom is an assistant manager for a wholesale floral company. I am currently employed as a server and bartender at a pub in Columbus. I am a senior organizational communications major at our university. I will be graduating from Ohio University after the fall quarter of 2011.

Once I graduate, I aspire to move to the west coast and obtain a job doing public relations or marketing. I hope that I will get a job that will pay for me to continue to my education. I would like to go graduate school and obtain the highest level of education (PhD).

Some of my likes and dislikes are that my favorite color is blue and my favorite food is Ethiopian food. My favorite book is The Odyssey, by Homer. I really enjoy movies, particularly independent dramas. I dislike chic-flic films very much! I love music of all kinds except for country music. I attend a lot of concerts and music festivals in my spare time. My friends and I also love to do art projects together such as painting, making jewelry, and making custom clothing. One of my favorite websites that I use is phantasytour.com I use it to keep apprised of what my favorite band, Phish, is up to. Check it out! It?s pretty cool and it does not just keep track of the band Phish. It also information on lots of other cool bands as well.

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