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    Economist's View


   VOX: Research-based policy analysis and commentary from Europe's leading economists


   REAL TIME ECONOMICS: Economic insight and analysis from The Wall Street Journal


   Econbrowser: Analysis of current economic conditions and policy



Current Courses at Ohio University


    FIN    650         Money and Capital Markets

    Econ 406         Monetary Theory and Policy

    Econ 360         Money and Banking

    Econ 304         Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Econ 305         Managerial Economics

    Econ 103         Principles of Microeconomics


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Past Courses at UC San Diego


    Upper Division

    ECON170B Spring 2006                        Management Science Microeconomics II

    ECON175   Summer 2005                     Financial Investments


    Lower Division

    ECON1       Winter 2006                        Elements of Economics I

    ECON2       Fall 2005                             Elements of Economics II

    ECON1       Summer and Fall 2004      Elements of Economics I


Proposed Course

    Financial Statement Analysis


   Study Tips for Undergraduate Students