CTCH 1270

I have always enjoyed a pretty big variety of interests and activities. I tend to bounce from one thing to another every few months. Web design is one of the latest things to catch my interest. You can view one of my first attempts at designing a page by checking out my homework 8 page.The one thing that really stuck with me though is video games, specifically, retro and arcade gaming.

I began working on building a MAME arcade machine two years ago, and completed it last summer. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and allows users to recreate almost all old school arcade machine games. While working on building my own arcade cabinet, I also got involved in arcade machine restoration. I am currently restoring an original 1980 Pac-Man cocktail table.

All of the work I did with MAME led me back to my gaming roots and my Atari 2600. I dug out my old system and games and began to play. Playing the few Atari games I had eventually led to wanting more games to play. I began going to flea markets, yard sales, and retro game stores to look for games which of course led to finding other games and gaming systems that were rare, odd, or just interesting. The occasional flea market or yard sale find just served as fuel to the fire that eventually became a game collecting addiction, and I've been collecting pretty seriously for about a year now. I hope to be able to find some time this summer to work on a few other game related projects which will be detailed in Homework 0304. If you are interested in discussing games, or game collecting e-mail me.

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