My name is Brian Vickers and I am a sophomore at Ohio University. I enjoy hiking, camping, photography, reading and spending time with my family. There are many more things I like to do, but I'll save those for another time.

I have been fortunate enough this summer to accomplish several of my favorite activities at the same time. My family and I spent a weekend in Hocking Hills, camping at Old Mans Cave. This was the first time my kids were old enough to get some enjoyment being in nature and I was able to take plenty of pictures to remind them of the trip. We'll also remember it because it was so hot and humid. The kids thought it was especially neat that it was so cool "down in the caves", yet so hot up at the parking area. Click on this link to the Hocking Hills State Park if you'd like to get more information or click here to view some picutres from Old Mans cave.

If you need internet access at home, please click here for more information on a few local companies.

Please click here to open my final project page.

I recently got a Kindle and have found a new way to spend time...reading. I never really enjoyed picking up a book and reading, but something is different with the Kindle. I've read more with my Kindle in the past several months, than I have the previous several years combined. It's also nice that the books are cheaper and you can keep thousands of them on the Kindle at the same time.

I am enjoying this class; learning about HTML and CSS. I am also glad that our power is back on to stay!

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