"We are inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts."

- Harold Nicolson

Geoffrey L. Buckley

Professor, Department of Geography
Director of Studies, Environmental Studies Program, Honors Tutorial College
Director, Edinburgh: City and Environment Education Abroad Program

Ohio University
Clippinger Laboratories 104A
Athens, OH 45701-2979
(740) 593-9846 (phone)
(740) 593-1139 (fax)

Last updated: July 5, 2013

Baltimore Harbor

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Baltimore Harbor

Teaching and Research
Through my teaching and research I seek to uncover the threads that knit present-day environmental problems to past decisions, practices, and processes. One can argue that if we are to make wise decisions with regard to the environmental problems we face today, we must understand the complex web of human and physical processes that, over time, have contributed to their existence. I am particularly interested in urban sustainability; management of public lands, especially state forests and urban green spaces; environmental justice; and the evolution of mining landscapes. Although much of my early work focused on the social and environmental impacts of coal mining in Appalachia, my most recent efforts build on my association with the Long-Term Ecological Research - Baltimore Ecosystem Study (LTER-BES). More specifically, I am conducting urban green space and zoning research in support of this project. With regard to classes, I teach the following on a regular basis: GEOG 1400 (Introduction to Environmental Geography); GEOG 4470/5470 (Natural Resource Conservation); and GEOG 3330/5330 (Appalachia: Land and People). I also teach occasional seminars on urban green spaces and sustainability. In addition, each summer I lead an education abroad trip to Edinburgh, Scotland where I teach GEOG 4560/5560 (City and Environment).


Ph.D., Geography,  University of Maryland , 1997

M.A., Geography,  University of Oregon , 1992

B.A., Environmental Studies and American History, Connecticut College, 1987




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"Impervious but Not Permanent: Asphalt Removal in Baltimore, Maryland," Ohio University Baker Award, $6,132 (7/1/11 - 3/30/13), G.L. Buckley, (P.I.)

“Baltimore Ecosystem Study Phase III: Adaptive Processes in the Baltimore Socio-Ecological System from the Sanitary to the Sustainable City,” National Science Foundation, $5,640,000 (2010 – 2016), S.T.A. Pickett (P.I.) and others (co-P.I.).

"A Longitudinal Analysis of the Social Dynamics of Environmental Equity in Baltimore," National Science Foundation, $749,487 (9/1/06 - 8/30/09), C.G. Boone (P.I.), G.L. Buckley (co-P.I.), J.M. Grove (co-P.I.), C.P. Lord (co-P.I.), and A.R. Troy (co-P.I.)

"Cradle of Conservation: State Forestry in Maryland, 1906 - 1960," U.S.D.A. Forest Service, $5,000 (9/1/05 - 12/31/06), G.L. Buckley (P.I.)

"State Forestry in Maryland: A Historical Examination," Maryland Forestry Association, $6,000 (9/1/05 - 12/31/06), G.L. Buckley (P.I.)

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"Expanding Active Learning in Geography 201," Trustees of the Ohio University Foundation, Undergraduate Learning Pool of the 1804 Endowment, $19,924 (7/22/02 - 6/30/04), C.G. Boone (P.I.) and G.L. Buckley (co-P.I.)

"NSF Proposal 'Seed' Money," Institute for Ecosystem Studies, $5,000 (1/15/01 - 6/15/01), C.G. Boone (P.I.) and G.L. Buckley (co-P.I.)


Transformative Faculty Award, 2010-2011
Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Faculty Service Award for 2009

Ohio University's Vision Ohio Excellence Award for 2008

College of Arts and Science’s Jeanette Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award for 2002-03

Inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta (Honors Society for First Year Students) in 2002 for outstanding teaching and guidance.


     Graduate Students Advised

Aaron Mueller (2013), James Lloyd (2012), Kylie Johnson (2012), Phillip Wilson (2012), Meghan Rodier (2012), Jessie Soye (2011), Michael Battaglia (2010), Michelle Corrigan (2010), Erin Pierce (2010), Michelle Chevalier (2009), Andrew Giguere (2009), Erin McCarty (2007), Carolyn Rizzuto (2006), James Wells (2006), Cassandra Korth (2005), Cynthia Merse (2005), L. Scott Deaner (2004), Aaron Dumont (2004), Zeenatunisia Sheikh (2004), Mamta Kumari Singh (2004), Jonathon Bartlett (2003), Shan Li (2003), Tamara Melton (2003), Shannon Milanowski (2002)

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