My Favorite Place

I love going to Atwood Lake, especially when it's with my friends. One of my friends, Kathryn, has a lake house there and every year we go as sort of a last hurrah for the summer. The day at the lake usually falls on the last week everybody will be together before going back to school, so it's a really special occasion.

Sailing with My Buddies

When we're at the lake, it's become a tradition that we take the dinky sailboat out. It really is only big enough for two people, but we always pile on another guy for extra weight. Once, we went out with only two of us and the wind almost blew us over. As much as we like to think that we know how to sail, truthfully, we only have a little understanding of it. That's why when the wind dies, we have to come up with creative ways of getting back to shore, such as having another friend pull us on his kayak.

Getting Towed by a Kayak