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About Me

Hi, my name is Blake. I am a sophomore at Ohio University, double-majoring in journalism and creative writing. I spend a lot of time writing, whether it's a new post for my blog, a chapter for my novel, or a one-off short story. There's just something about putting words down on paper (or, these days, on a word processor) that comes naturally to me.

I hope to someday transform this hobby into a career. I don't want to work a job that I don't look forward to; I want to be passionate about going in and putting in my 8 hours for the day. I am hoping that with my double major I can be flexible about where I can work in the future. Whether it's journalistic or creative, as long as my money-making power is based on my writing ability, I'll be happy.

My dream job, however, would be to work for a video game developer as part of their creative team. You see, video games are another thing I've been passionate about ever since I held a Sega Genesis controller in my hands. And I feel that writing for the video games industry (which is growing strong) would really let me exercise my creative juices. I don't even care if my assignments at the beginning are to write 100 pages of quest text that no one will ever read. The job would just be too amazing.

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