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For maximum enjoyment, be sure to download both the Program and the Program Information (guides and manuals)...

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All my software is copyrighted

(see User Agreement)

Please note that all my software is constantly under development.  I do my best to verify the code and the algorithms; but unfortunately, I can test the software only so much by myself (or even with help from a few colleagues and students).  Please contact me if you find bugs or errors and I will do my best to fix them quickly.  I also welcome any suggestions you might have to improve the programs (or even new programming ideas).  Of course, this also means that if you find something you like, you should check back occasionally to see if there is a new upgrade available.

Click here to send email to the author: brooksg@ohiou.edu

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Click on the link below to download the most current version

TAP.EXE, ~1.3MB; TAP.ZIP, ~0.6MB

(the ZIP file is provided for those systems to do not allow downloads of executable files)


Click on the link below to download a relatively recent previous version

This older version of the program is the most recent to have been published and/or presented at a national or regional conference.

(TAP5.EXE, ~1.2MB)

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Program Information

Click on the link(s) below to download Auxiliary Materials for use with the Program

by Marsha Lewis, TAP_USER_GUIDE.PDF, ~1.2MB

by George Johanson, TAP_INSTRUCTOR_GUIDE.PDF, ~0.3MB

Although any AUXILIARY MATERIALS may have been created for use with a previous version of the program, they should still be very useful with newer versions of the program; that is, changes to the program usually are not dramatic enough to make earlier manuals obsolete.

A description of the program and other materials associated with the program may be available on my general SOFTWARE page (just follow the appropriate links).

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If you need the Adobe Reader, you can download it from their web site free using the following link:

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