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Gordon P. Brooks


314C McCracken Hall, Ohio University
Phone: (740) 593-0880
Athens, OH 45701
Send Email: brooksg@ohio.edu
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(with 95% Confidence)

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Okay, I'll admit to an affinity for numbers (but not enough to have been a Math major).  For example, I find it fascinating that SR180 crosses US33 exactly halfway between Athens and where I lived in Pickerington.

Here's a sign I passed routinely as I traveled to teach at Central Ohio Technical College in Newark, Ohio.  See if you can find the hidden math puzzle.

Although the bobcat at the Columbus Zoo is usually asleep when I go (usually inside a hollow log), reports that I have caused this sleep are exaggerated -- although I have been accused of putting one or two of its Bobcat cousins at Ohio University to sleep in my classes.
Stats Cafe was at the corner of High and Long Streets in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  I've never actually been inside, but how could I resist taking a photo of a place with such a cool name?  (unfortunately, Stats Cafe closed down before I was ever able to visit)