My favorite place is Rapid City, South Dakota. My fiance's sister, brother-in-law, and nieces live there. We went there for vacation last year, and absolutely loved it! It is so peaceful and beautiful there. The weather there is much different than Ohio's weather. When we were there in June, there were tornado warnings and storms. I am terrified of storms and usually freak out. There, things come and go within an hour or two's time, and there is not horrible damages like you would normally see from bad storms. I took pictures of the storm clouds because I was so amazed by them.

There is so much to do there! A week wasn't long enough to see everything, but we did something new everyday. Here in Ohio, you're lucky to be able to find something exciting to do once a week. We love it there so much that we have talked about moving out there due to the location and the amount of job possibilities. I can't wait to go visit again!

Jeff and I at Mount Rushmore Taylor and Jadyn at Reptile Gardens Jeff at Reptile Gardens Jeff with Taylor and Jadyn before their softball game

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