Us with Dustin and Jason Downplay Street Team.
This is me and my cousin Kristen,
AKA: the Downplay Street Team,
With some of the past and present members of the band.
From left to right: back row: Brian, Mike, Trevor, Dustin, Kristen.
From left to right: front row: Brandon, Bethany (me).

Us with Dustin and Jason
Us with Dustin from Downplay and Jason from 7th Cycle.
We went to Athens for a Downplay and 7th Cycle concert a couple of years ago.
We were all gathered for a normal picture,
When out of nowhere, Dustin jumped up and forced us to catch him.
As you can see, the photo was snapped just after he jumped,
So our faces are in the "what just happened??" stance.

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