<title>A very simple webpage</title>

<basefont size=4>


<body bgcolor=FFFFFF>

<h1>A very simple webpage. This is an "h1" level header.</h1>

<h2>This is a level h2 header.</h2>

<h6>This is a level h6 header.  Pretty small!</h6>

<p>This is a standard paragraph.</p>

<p align=center>Now I've aligned it in the center of the screen.</p>

<p align=right>Now aligned to the right</p>

<p><b>Bold text</b></p>

<p><strong>Strongly emphasized text</strong>  Can you tell the difference vs. bold?</p>


<p><em>Emphasized text</em>  Just like Italics!</p>

<p>Here is a pretty picture: <img src=example/prettypicture.jpg alt="Pretty Picture"></p>

<p>Same thing, aligned differently to the paragraph: <img align=top src=example/prettypicture.jpg alt="Pretty Picture"></p>


<h2>How about a nice ordered list!</h2>


  <li>This little piggy went to market

  <li>This little piggy went to SB228 class

  <li>This little piggy went to an expensive restaurant in Downtown Palo Alto

  <li>This little piggy ate too much at Indian Buffet.

  <li>This little piggy got lost


<h2>Unordered list</h2>


  <li>First element

  <li>Second element

  <li>Third element



<h2>Nested Lists!</h2>


  <li>Things to to today:


      <li>Walk the dog

      <li>Feed the cat

      <li>Mow the lawn


  <li>Things to do tomorrow:


      <li>Lunch with mom

      <li>Feed the hamster

      <li>Clean kitchen



<p>And finally, how about some <a href>http://www.yahoo.com/>Links?</a></p>

<p>Or let's just link to <a href>../../index.html>another page on this server</a></p>

<p>Remember, you can view the HTMl code from this or any other page by using the "View Page Source" command of your browser.</p>