Life and Death of Superman

The Death and Life of Superman is a book written by Roger Stern in 1994 and is a hardback book depicting a story version of the Death of Superman Comic book series. The book depicts the emergence of the villain Doomsday and his battle with the Justice League. Eventually he would meet Superman in Metropolis. Superman would stop Doomsday but would himself die, what happens next is the stories of his funeral and the grieving of the world over the loss of a hero. Eventually Five more Supermen would emerge with one actually turning out to be the real man of Steel. It is a really good book it is about 500 pages and is a good read for any fan of superheroes.

The Jester

The Jester is a book written by James Patterson in 2004 and is the story of a innkeeper named Hugh De Luc who returns home from the Holy Land during the Crusades to find his son dead his house destroyed and his wife taken by a local king. What ensues is a mans journey to find his wife and avenge his family and in order to do so he takes the disguise of the Court Jester. This is a great story about a mans quest for revenge and has many twists and turns and a surprise you dont see coming.

Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting was written by Natalie Babbitt in 1985. I read this book because it was a school requirement but it turned out to be very good. It is about a young girl named Winnie who while wondering through the wood comes across a young boy drinking from a spring by a tree. He is from the Tuck family and the spring turns out to grant eternal life to any who drinks it. What you find out in the story is that eternal life isnt all its cracked up to be they must seclude themselves form the world and watch many love ones die as well as be chased by a man in the yellow coat who knows their past. At 139 pages this book is a quick read but a good one.

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