A Little Bit About My Movie Knowledge

I am a big fan of movies and have watched many styles of movies. From classic horror to modern comedy. I have read many movie reviews and find that most movie reviews are based on critics who really seem to not have a love of movies. They seem to be people who do reviews for a pay check rather than someone who loves to watch movies. That is why I'm doing my web site to review movies and tell people about the best sites to find movie review and release dates.

Know a Little About What my future website will be

My web site is going to encompass all movies I have watched and Plan to watch. I will give my reviews of them with some type of point system I plan to devise. I will also give links to great sites that have movie news and to buy movies from. Once I have the base of my site built and running I plan to add other things I like Videogames and Television shows.

Example of a Movie Review

A movie I have watched recently that critics have given a bad review is Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds as the title hero. They said that the movie had too many visual effects and was too loud and action packed. My issues with this are as followed. Green Lantern is an action movie and consists of a superhero that fights alien villainís its going to be action packed and loud. The other is the fact that his power comes from a ring that allows him to create any object he can imagine out of pure green energy special effects are kind of required for this. I feel that the critics are people who do not know anything about comic books and their characters and unjustly rated the movie. I am a huge fan of comic books and would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 easy.

Here is a link to one of my favorite sites with Movie Info.

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