This summer I plan on working my two jobs this summer. One job involves working at a rent-to-own business where I help setup the tech department and help move furniture. The other job I have involves working at a carpet cleaning company doing SEO work which involves getting their website to rank high on Google.

Another thing that I am doing over the summer that I am super excited about is going on vacation to the Outer Banks located in North Carolina. The weather is beautiful here and the beaches are amazing and there is so much to do. I love to play basketball at the Outer Banks and there is always someone ready to play.

After vacation I am going to begin to get ready for my Sophomore year of college at Ohio University where I will be a Computer Science major. I want to open up my own company in California that will help make peoples' lives easier.

I also plan on helping my church and their youth group by running the concession stand at my church. I really have a heart for younger kids and love to see them grow. Our youth group is huge and expanding which fills my heart with joy.

This is a video that my friends made that feature a bunch of hilarious handshakes. Check it out!

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