Game of Thrones / Homework 10

Ned Stark

One of my favorite books is "A Game of Thrones" in the series called "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin.
It depicts the political as well as military clashes between the noble houses of Westeros. Many plot twists plague the series which means you never know who lives and who dies by the end of the next page.

Another one of my favorite books is "The Price of Glory: Battle of Verdun 1916" which depicts the most horrible battle ever committed on this earth with the highest death per square mile on the battle field. Detailing the heroics of the Germans as well as the Allied forces going to utmost lengths to secure victory.

My third favorite book would definitely be the biography on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. As one of my personal heroes to see what Steve Jobs went through on a daily basis was overwhelming and truly awe-inspiring.

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