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Probably my favorite hobby is woodworking. I started woodworking when I was young, maybe 4 or 5. It is something that I enjoy doing with my father and grandfather, although it is hard to find the time now. I have built furniture such as a coffee table and end tables for my living room, a patio table, and a rocking chair for my wife when our first child was born. I also build small knick knacks like cutting boards, and turning pens on the lathe. Last winter I designed and built a mantle for the fireplace in my house. I generally built all of my projects in my garage shop, but have access to my father's larger workshop if I need space.
One of my favorite parts about woodworking is the designing stage. Of everything I have built, only one came from a set of purchased plans. Everything else I designed and laid out myself. I often sketch my ideas on paper, and sometime use a computer drafting program such as Solidworks, for more difficult or complex projects. I would love to start a career in design or engineering(I have an Associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology).
My next favorite part of woodworking is when the project is in the finishing stage. This is where you apply whatever protective barrier to the wood. This is the part that many do not like because of the different types of finishes, long prep times, and precise nature of finishing. There are many different types of finishes depending on the final look you want. For a warm natural look I usually will apply a few coats of an oil such as boiled linseed oil or mineral oil. These offer the least about of protection. For something with a little more protection you can use polyuerethane. I use a laquer finsih a lot for work when finishing trim and moulding for remodeling projects.








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