Benjamin Elbert

Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant (Athens Campus)
Adjunct Faculty Member (Lancaster Campus)
Department of Mathematics
Ohio University

Office:   Morton 532C
Phone:   (740) 593 - 1271
  Email:   be173805 @ ohio edu

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Currently I fulfill three roles at Ohio University. At the Athens campus I work as both a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant (see the Research tab) in the Mathematics Department. Additionally, teach one or two classes per quarter at the Lancaster campus as an Adjunct Faculty Member. I primarily teach freshman level courses as an Adjunct Faculty Member, though I have ambitiously expressed interest in bringing some of the discrete mathematics courses--taught in Athens--to the regional campus. For more information about the courses that I have taught, as well as my philosophy of teaching, please feel free to explore the Teaching tab.

I am interested in Numerical Analysis, Algorithms, Data Mining, Mathematical Modeling.

I am a proud husband, homeowner, and parent to two Morkies--Cami and Bentley. In my free time, I like to work on my 19th century home, cook/bake, watch a good football or baseball game, and play a little Xbox with my brother in Virginia.

I am presently working under Dr. Todd Young and Dr. Winfried Just, along with my colleagues Bismark Oduro and Mason Korb. Our primary research goal is to lay out a theoretical framework which will determine when and which characteristics of a mathematical model transfer between the discrete and continuous case. My role in this group is the development of software which assists us in testing conjectures, gathering and analyzing data, and visually representing results in an understandable manner. This group is funded by NIH Grant: 020.0001.04030 GQ0016139.01.

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