Geometry Textbook

by Mark Barsamian

I am developing a textbook for use in my one-semester Junior-level Axiomatic Geometry course at the Ohio University Main Campus in Athens, Ohio. My current work on the book includes both adding new material and revising the existing material.

The webpage for my Geometry course can be reached at the following (link). The web page includes a schedule that shows how the book is used in the course.

The text and accompanying materials may be used by any instructor or student who wishes to use them. I ask that instructors who want to use this material in their course please send me an e-mail informing me that they are using it, and please give me feedback on the material.

This text consists of fifteen chapters of exposition plus two chapters that are appendices containing the list of definitions and the list of theorems.

  • Text Note that when viewing the text online, most cross-references in the document are active links. Clicking on a reference to a section of the text, or a reference to a definition or theorem, will take you there. Type [Alt]+[left arrow] to go back. Also note that in most PDF viewers, an outline of the text is available in the left margin.
  • Lists of Definitions and Theorems The text contains complete lists in the appendix. But the complete lists can also be viewed or downloaded separately here.
All material is copyright 2016 by Mark Barsamian.
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