My Summer Plans

Spending Time with my Children.> I love spending time with my children. I have three daughters. Mackenzie who is seven, Laney who is five, and Kloe who is three. They are so full of life and positive energy all the time. I have three online classes the first half of summer semester. The second half of summer semester, I have one online class and Chemistry 1210. I would like to have the time to take them to the park. They love going there.

Photography>I love photography! This semester I plan to take many photographs of Mackenzie, Laney and Kloe. I plan to take them to the park and get many photos there. I will also take them out to the country where I grew up. There are many beautiful places. The country gives the perfect opportunity for photography.

Spending time with my husband.> I will try to spend more time with my husband. We have been married for four years and it has been wonderful. However, we both have jobs, children, and are attending college. Life is busy to say the least. Through all of this craziness, I would love to find some time for us.

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