Being a junior in college, I have learned some valuable lessons from my first year and I am giving my advice on surviving college.

Advice # 1

College is much more academically difficult than high school was. If you were valedictorian in high school, great! In college, your high school achievements in a sense really do not matter. Therefore, if you were a great student in high school, you may or may not be disappointed in college. If you were not so great of a student in high school, do not be discouraged. You may thrive in college.

Advice # 2

Your educational goals will only become a reality if you make it happen. Most college instructors will put forth the effort to help you, but only if you are putting forth the effort to succeed.

Advice # 3

Do not be afraid to ask for help! There are instructors, tutors and peer who are generally more than willing to help you.

Advice # 4

If you find that you are struggling, DO NOT GIVE UP! I promise you, if you drop out when college gets difficult, you will spend the rest of your life regretting your decision.

Advice # 5

Do not forget the reason you are there. Life will happen and you will be challenged. Just keep pushing.

Advice # 6

Keep yourself organized. If you do not you will quickly become lost. In college, if you do not keep up you will not achieve acceptable grades.

Advice # 7

ASK QUESTIONS! If you do not ask, you will fall behind. You must stay on top of everything.

Advice # 8

Go to class. You are paying good money for an instructor to be there and to instruct you. If you do not go to class the instructor will not care but if you do not attend class you are only hurting yourself.

Advice # 9

College will suck the life out of you! You will be exhausted to the point that you fall asleep doing homework and to the point you can hardly keep your eyes open during class. You have to take care of yourself. Eat right and rest when you can. College is only a few years of your life. You have the rest of your life to party and have fun.

Advice # 10

You should learn the requirements for your degree. Depending on the person, you ask you will be told different answers to the same question.

Advice # 11

Do not hesitate to ask your peers. Chances are they have already dealt with the same issues you have. They may be able to give better advice than others may sometimes.

Advice # 12

You do not have to know what career you want to pursue when you enter college and that is okay. You have time.

Advice # 13

If you can, take summer semester off. While summer semester is great for boosting GPA or catching up, it is also a great time to distance yourself and have a little fun. Going to school year round for 4 years is exhausting and you will become burnt out. At some point, you must take time for yourself.

College is not easy it is hard work.

Do not give up.

You Can Do It.