Hello, my name is Brandy Stanley. Currently I am a junior attending Ohio University in Zanesville, Ohio. I am working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I am a very busy person. Like many of you, I am very busy with school, children, and life in general.

I have an interest in couponing. No, I do not consider myself an extreme couponer. However, I am certainly not afraid to utilize coupons. The saying is why buy the milk when you can get the cow free. The same goes with coupons. On many occasions I have gone shopping for the everyday items our family uses and got them free. Occasionally I have been paid. What is better than getting something free? Being paid is!

Couponing can take a lot of time depending how extreme a person wants to be. I have heard of people who are extreme couponers who coupon for XXX hours per week. I am too busy for that. I only coupon approximately III hours per week and I often do not coupon that many hours. A few sites offer deals using coupons. Check out the following couponing sites. Feel free to enjoy and save money.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Passion for Savings


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