My Favorite Place

In the Halo fictional series, the Halo Ringworlds or Installations, as they are called by their AI guardians, Sentinels, are quite beautiful. Their landscapes have oceans and mountains and snowy areas. The reason halo fascinates me most is that it is an artificial world that holds its own plant and animal life and climates.

Halo ring in construction

Delta Halo, the second Halo discovered

The Halo Ringworlds also fascinate me because they are the deadliest known weapon in the Halo fictional series. Upon activation a Halo could wipe out all life in a galactic radius. Once activated all the other Halo Ringworlds in the galaxy are also activated wiping out all life in the galaxy. They are also shrouded in mystery since their creators, the Forerunners, are gone.

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