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Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite metal bands that I never grow tired of listening to. The band is from California and originally consisted of five members until the death of their drummer in 2009 left them a member short. So far, they have released five albums and one live album. They have won many awards and have achieved worldwide success.

Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite bands because their guitars have intricate riffs in almost every song. Another reason they are one of my favorite bands is by how they implement different elements and genres into their songs such as violins and organs. An example of this is their song Afterlife (though the link is a poor example since the video cuts out the violins in the beginning and middle of the song). Musically they have gone through some changes from when they first started. Their first two albums had a heavier metal sound to them including screaming vocals. Their later albums have since "mellowed out" and have more of a hardrock sound to them.

Since their drummer died right before they went on tour for their newest album, the drummer from the progressive metal band Dream Theater toured with them until the end of their tour. They are now playing with a drummer who may or may not stay with them. The band is currently taking a short break to write their next upcoming album.

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