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About Me

Hello, my name is Andie Walla. I completed my undergraduate studies at Ohio University in the Scripps College of Communication, majoring in Telecommunications. I am currently enrolled as a Masters student in the College of Education at Ohio University. I am studying Computer Education and Technology because of passion for the subject matter, despite my lack of experience teaching, this seems like the right direction for me to go.

My current job is related to my undergraduate studies. I work
in Ohio University's office of Communications and Marketing as a Media Production Assistant/Videographer. I enjoy my work very much, and hope to stay involved in the field of telecommunications.

Future Dreams

I hope to start my own business soon. Services I will provide are not limited to, but include, multimedia editing, producing, video services, booking agency, and more. I would like to teach video production classes in higher education someday after receiving my Ph.D. in Telecommunications.