Hi! My name is Drew Trommer and I am a video production major at Ohio University. I want to use this degree with my favorite sport, Horse Racing, and be a producer for the horse racing TV station, TVG. I have worked for them two summers in a row now, in Los Angeles, California. I enjoy working with professionals and have learned a lot since my first time out here. It really means a lot to me that they keep bringing me back.

I first got into horse racing because of my dad. I still don't really know how he got into it, but I am glad he did. I have been around it my whole life. My brother and I used to pretend we were jockeys in our basement while watching TVG. I have been betting on them for a while now, and am actually pretty good at it. I always know its Triple Crown time when I start getting a lot of texts asking who to bet on. I would not trade this passion for anything!

I spent an hour trying to post a video from youtube that I made, but it didn't work. So you will have to just copy and paste it. Sorry! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yuNj2ogxr4

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