Three Options for Your Internet Service Provider

A potential option for someone who is interested in getting Internet service is Verizon Wireless. They offer a High Speed Internet plan, which has download speeds between .5 and 1 Mbps. They also offer the High Speed Internet Enhanced plan, with three different options of download speeds - 1.1-3, 3.1-7, and 7.1-15 Mbps download speeds. The High Speed Internet plan is listed as $20, although this is a package with a home phone deal (there doesn't seem to be an option to not include the plan), and the Enhanced plan is $30 a month.

Another option for an Internet provider is Frontier. They also offer two plans, High-Speed Internet Lite and High-Speed Internet Max. High-Speed Internet Lite offers download speeds up to 1 Mbps and the Max package starts with download speeds of 3 Mbps (additional details can be provided on faster connections at higher prices if the user is willing to submit additional information). The Lite package is $30 and the Max package starts at $35 for download speeds of 3 Mbps.

A third option is Time Warner Cable. TWC offers five plans: Basic, Standard, Turbo, Extreme, and Ultimate. Basic downloads at up to 3 Mbps, Standard at up to 10 Mbps, Turbo at up to 20 Mbps, Extreme at up to 30 Mbps, and Ultimate at up to 50 Mbps. The five plans cost, respectively, $20, $30, $50, $60, and $80 a month for the first twelve months. If the user is interested in getting cable or home phone as well, there are options to bundle the various products for reduced prices.

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