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Heidi Pierron, from Columbus, throws her arms up and screams in victory after winning the pawpaw- eating contest Saturday at the Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio. Pierron had entered the contest for the past two years, but this was her first win. "Third try's a charm," she jokingly said after the contest.

(left) Flags placed on college green by Ohio University College Republicans and College Dems in memory of the lives lost on September 11.
(Right) Students and community members gather outside the Athens Islamic Center for a candlelight vigil. The vigil followed a peace march across campus on the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11.

Athens Police Officers and members of the APD color guard stand at ready as an American flag is car- ried to the flagpole Wednesday, May 11, 2011, during the memorial service honoring fallen officers in Athens County. The memorial precedes National Police Week.

Michael Logue, wearing an American flag, and Chad Luning, both Marine Corps veterans, climb up the front right support of the Kegfly stage during 8fest. "I was comfy [up there]," Logue said about climbing and staying up there for a almost an hour.

Helena Stacy, 2010 Little Miss Apple Festival, endures the rain while riding on the front of a Mustang Aug. 21, 2010, during the Grande Parade as part of the Parade of the Hills. The rain began shortly after the parade started, yet not a single car or float dropped out. The Parade of the Hills takes place every year in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Shelby Simon, right, empties a beer into Taylor Swope's mouth after the two fell in the mud with Ashley Hartir, left, May 22, 2010, at 7fest. Music filled the air while partygoers danced and drank in the muddy field, a common feature of the past few #fests (the number increases each year).

Edinburgh native Hugh Scott (right) tries to get a baby to smile for a picture taken by a friend in the crowd Aug. 10, 2008, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Scott has been playing the bagpipes for over 30 years, and has been performing since he was 12 years old.

Kara Dewese, front right, a freshman from Lancaster, Ohio, leads the kids at the Lancaster campus daycare, from right, Jodi Ritter, Calvin Householder, Daniel Householder, Alex Baird, Trent Roark and others, in an interactive song Oct. 15, 2009. The daycare center provides student mothers with a place where they can safely leave their children while attending classes at the Ohio University-Lancaster regional campus. Numerous parents have told Laura Staten, director of the daycare, that they don't think they could attend school if the daycare wasn't there.

David McLeod, middle, jokes about his teammates, John Arnett, left, and Davey Armstrong, which made everybody at the table to break out laughing Aug. 8, 2008, at the Eskmills Bowling Club in Edinburgh, Scotland. Both teams had sat down for a bite to eat and a few pints of beer or hard cider after the first playoff game of the season. McLeod's team had won their match, as had two of the other three Eskmills' teams, making Eskmills the overall winners.

Brad Clark, brewmaster at Jackie O's Pub and Brewery, poses in the basement of Jackie O's, where the tanks of beer are stored and kept cool. Clark's passion for beer has been a driving force for Jackie O's popularity in Athens. As the only brewery in Athens, the craft brews are a cornerstone to the bar's non-traditional environment in a college town.

Ohio sophomore midfielder Cathryn Rogers poses after practice Sept. 22, 2010, on the Ohio Soccer Field. Rogers, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, grew up playing soccer for Canadian and Jamaican national teams before coming to Ohio.

Chiho Tsutsumi poses for a portrait after a teaser for Samurai Spirit at one of the small stages on the Royal Mile.

Wes "Ferocia Coutura" Allen poses for pictures during the 2009 Fall Queen Challenge Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, at Jackie O's Pub and Brewery. Ferocia Coutura won the competition by one point, which featured 10 drag queens and nine different acts, including stand-up comedy, fake wrestling and lots of dancing. Proceeds from the competition go toward AIDS research.