Team Wraith - The five full members of Team Wraith survived through the entire week until the final hours of Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ) at Ohio University in Athens. Wraith's 2010 team was Matt Nelson, Alan Reeder, Andrew Sokol, Chris Nuzzo and Ryan Irwin.

Hometown Arts - Nestled in the northwest corner of Athens County – an area that suffers an unemployment rate double the national average – is an unexpected haven for the arts.With a population just under 6,000 residents, Nelsonville is primarily known by Ohio University students as a traffic stop on the way to Columbus. "Once coal left, you know, (Nelsonville) didn't really know what they were gonna do next," Brian Koscho, marketing and promotions coordinator at Stuart's Opera House, 52 Public Square, Nelsonville, said. "This is all just part of all sorts of different people from all sorts of different areas trying to keep a town going, I think."

Small Productions - Josh Antonuccio, a producer and co-owner of 3 Elliott Studio, sat down and talked with The Post's Amanda Lucci about 3 Elliott, the music they have produced and what makes them different.