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Nelsonville residents pass through intersection of the Nelsonville Square, the center of the Nelsonville Historic Art District. Hidden in plainview less than two blocks from Route 33, which intersects Nelsonville, the Square is often overshadowed by the Rocky Boots Outlet Store and "traffic between Athens and Columbus," according to Brian Cosco, the promo- tions manager at Stuart's Opera House.

Brian Dieterle, right, examines the winning cup before leaving after judging the StarbrickClay National Cup Show in the Starbrick Cooperative Art Gallery. The Cup Show was the gal- lery's fourth national show in the eleven years they have been open.

A man pauses on a photograph at the opening of the Athens' Halloween Gallery at the Ma-jestic Galleries during September's Final Friday.

Hand made window decorations hang from the door of locally owned craft and gift store, Tish's Place.

Johanna Ansel, owner of the Plaid Butterfly Unique Gifts, ties tags on her homemade soap. "I really just love to make soap," she says about why soap is the only product she sells that she makes.

The starbricks of the Nelsonville Square Arts District form the foundation for pedestrians.

One of the four historical photographs of the Nelsonville Square (c. 1912) that were donated to the Nelsonville Community Center.

Residents pass by a storefront rented for the night during September's Final Friday, anevent held in the Square on the last Friday of the each month. On these nights, new galleries open and it becomes a big event with different themes, depending on the time of year.

Chelsey Thomson, left, and Autumn Lawless, both members of the Logan High School Theater Group, take photos of themselves while waiting for A Midsummer's Night to start in Stuart's Opera House.

Todd Snider plays his favorite three cords while singing "Beer run" in front of a sold outcrowd at Staurt's Opera House. Snider has played at Staurt's more than any other artist.

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