Three of My Favorite Books

At 57 years of age, I have to say, I have not done as much reading as I would have liked to. I hope in my retirement years I will get to do more. I did most of my "creative reading" in high school and shortly thereafter. Once out of school and into the workforce though, my reading books for entertainment came to a standstill, and most of the books I read or referenced were technical in nature. I still haven't got back into reading for pleasure. I guess one of the reasons I don't do a lot of reading for pleasure, is I am not one who enjoys fiction material and there is a lot of fiction out there.

Nineteen Eighty-Four

One of the books I read in high school, and really enjoyed was George Orwell's, Ninehteen Eighty-Four. It might have been because I was young (17 at the time) and it was 1970. We were at war in Vietnam, there were uprisings and riots at colleges campuses across the United States. The shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University had just happened and the idea of Big Brother was real enough. As students though, when we discussed the book, the idea of being constantly watched and there actually being "Thought Police," was out of the realm of possibilities. Besides, 1984 was a lifetime away for us in 1970. At 57 years of age, I am thinking about going back and reading it again, to see what I might have missed.

The Minds of Billy Milligan

Another book I really enjoyed, was author Daniel Keyes', The Minds of Billy Milligan. The book is a somewhat autobiography of a young man named William Stanley Milligan. He suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, where a person actually has more than one personality. I never believed this phenomenom was possible, and thought Sybil, another Multiple Personality Disorder sufferer, was just a put on. I guess one of the reasons I even picked the book up in the first place, was it had a local flair. Billy Milligan lived right here in Lancaster, Ohio and attended Lancaster High School. The crimes he committed, robbery and rape, took place on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. An interesting side-note, is the "Teacher," Billy's doctor who finally fused all of Billy's 23 personalities back into one, was a psychiatrist at The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The book covers Billy's life from early childhood, when the abuse he suffered at the hands of his stepfather began to splinter his personality, his life here in Lancaster, the crimes he commited, and through the healing process, thanks to the "Teacher." I read it twice and recommend it to anyone if you can find it. It's one of those, you can't put it down till you finish it, types.

The Bible

My third book, one that I am still reading and probably will never finish, is the all time leading, number one best seller in the world, The Bible. It has many different authors, that are all famous in their own right. I say I'll never finish it, because I've never tried to read it cover to cover. It is a book I turn to from time to time and I'll just pick a place and start reading. I prefer the New Testament to the Old, though I do like the Book of Genesis. It is not something I pick up and read everyday, but I probably should, and there is always something you can learn from it. It has been said that the answer to every question in the world can be found there, if you look hard enough. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light!

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