Autumn at Alley Park

Our Family at Alley Park

One of my favorite places to visit, at least locally, is Alley Park. It is located just a mile or so south of Lancaster and is just off of State Route 33. It is open year round and is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the changes of the seasons. Winter covers the area with a blanket of snow and recently the lake has been freezing over, which adds to the beauty. Spring brings forth new life and blooms galore from the many and varied trees and plants that line the many trails that meander throughout the park.

Chase and Tylor Goofing
 Off for Grandpa

Autumn however, is my favorite time to visit Alley Park. It is then that the leaves turn every shade of color under the sun. The air is crisp, clean and fresh. I guess it is not just the park I like so much, but our family tradition of taking one weekend in the fall to get together, have a picnic and take family pictures. What a beautiful backdrop Alley Park provides for our family pictures!

Girls by Covered Bridge

We usually take family pictures first, while we are still clean, then head off for a short hike on the trails, for those that are up to it, usually just the guys. That's so the girls can get the picnic ready for the hungry hikers return! Recently the girls have been saying they are just too tired to go. I wonder why?

 Hungry Ducks

Feeding the ducks is usually the last job of the day. All the kids love it, even as they grow older, and the ducks always love it too!

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