Our Little Miracle Mady!

Our little Mady was delivered via an emergency C-section April 5, 2009. Her mother suffered from pre-eclampsia and both she and Madyson were in dire straits, when the doctors realized they had to act quickly, or neither one of them might survive. Miraculously they both made it through the operation and mom recovered in a little over a week. Mady however, was in the fight of her little life. She weighed only 2 pounds 7 ounces, but she was a fighter. She had good lungs and was able to be taken off oxygen in about a week. The remainder of the time she spent in the hospital was making sure she gained enough weight so she could make the trip home. She left the hospital for good on May 14th in time for mom and grandma to celebrate a very special Happy Mothers Day! At a little over 2 years old now, she is a healthy, happy, little girl, and we Thank God, for blessing us with her life!

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Little Mady was a fighter from the start. She steadily gained weight and became stronger day by day. We had a little scare right after mom and dad brought her home, and she went back into the hospital for a couple of days to make sure she was breathing okay. Here she is at 4 months, happy as a lark!

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Mady and Mom do everything together! She goes shopping with mom, swimming with mom, and sometimes even to church with mom. She loves being a little girl and getting her toenails painted, her hair brushed and putting on pretend make up. But, grandpa has her playing catch pretty good, especially for a little 2 year old!

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