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* Vision and Mission Statement - (link to PDF #1)

* Goals for accomplishing the Mission Statement - (link to PDF #2)

* Job Description for a Technology Coordinator - (link to PDF #3)

* Technology Plans from three schools on the Internet:

1. Educational Technology Plan for Vermillion Local SD (OH) - (PDF format)

2. Educational Technology Plan for Adams County / Ohio Valley Local (OH) - (PDF format)

3. Educational Technology Plan for Oberlin City SD (OH) - (PDF format)

* My review on the plans - (link to PDF #4)

* Discussion of the Ohio Technology requirements for my content area - (link to PDF #5)

* Grant Example: Cover Letter - (link to PDF #6A); Proposal (link to PDF #6B)

* Link to the ISTE NETS (International Society for Technology in Education / National Education Technology Standards) requirements for students of PreK-2 or Grades 3-5:

* Example of a one-week unit of study that utilizes technology with students - (link to PDF #7)

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