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Hello! I am a teacher and I have been teachering for over three years now. I have a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and also a Reading Endorsement. Currently, I am working towards earning my M.Ed. in Computer Education and Technology.

I have many ideas about how to teach with technology. It is my goal to transmit the knowledge I gain into the classroom setting to the fullest extent possible. Here are some of my technology ideas/goals:

* to make use of the Smart Board in the classroom as much as possible.

* to use a variety of developmentally appropriate educational software

* to develop a resource website with hyperlinks to interactive websites for my students

* to incorporate distance learning opportunities for my future students

* to teach my students many foundational skills which they can build upon in higher grades

* to address the ISTE-NETS (International and National Technology Standards)

Last updated: August 6, 2008

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