An Internet service provider (aka.ISP) is an organization that provides access to the Internet. There are many different companies that provide this service. Many times these ISPs also offer verious other services like telephone, cable TV, cell phone service, etc. They can be purchased in bundles or individually. The key to finding the best ISP is to research and find out their bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be sent over a network connection in a given period of time. Usually, the bigger the bandwidth the better but that can depend on your personal needs regaurding the internet. Most people do everything from email, shop, browse different web pages to uploading and downloading music and movies and playing games. If you do most or all of those things then you will want a larger bandwidth. If you are on a budget and only need the service for minimal usage like checking emails and browsing then this may not be the most important feature to you. It is important to keep in mind that not only does a higher bandwidth mean more data usage but it is the key to your service being fast. I resaerched three Internet Service Providers to get an idea of how they differ and are alike. I wanted to know which one offered the largest bandwidth and which had the smallest. I also, wanted to compare prices, area coverage, and other services and features.I chose to research Frontier, At&t, and Comcast. I chose frontier because it is the ISP that I use in my home, AT&T because I use their cell phone services and have web access on my iphone, and Comcast because every web site I explored, looking for information, had their company rated the highest. This way I could compare what seems to be the best ISP to the ISP that I use everyday. These are my findings:

Frontier is an ISP in my area that offers various services and products such as, telephone, TV, digital phone, and high-speed wireless internet. In 2009, Frontier purchased $9 million worth of Verizon's phone lines to expand their services. They provide DSL service to rural areas that may not have many options for Internet services. Many of their customers have little or no other options for high-speed internet services outside of Frontier. There are companies like Hughes Net that offer satellite internet access to these areas but it is more expensive. They offer several different internet packages including, their "High-speed Internet Lite" package for $29.99 a month, that has a bandwidth of up to 786 Kbps and comes with 24/7 technical support, 100 Mb of Webpage space, and 5 email accounts. Next up is the "Stand alone High-Speed Internet Max" for $49.99 a month, with a bandwidth of up to 6 Mbps and comes with 200 Mb of webpage space, 24/7 technical support, and 8 email accounts per subscription. The package that I consider to be the best is called, "high-Speed Internet Max" for $35.99 a month with a bandwidth of 1-12 Mbps and each subscription comes with 24/7 tech. support, 8 email accounts and 200 Mb of webpage space. Some of the other features that come with a Frontier package subscription are, internet and email security software, parental controls, back-up services and networking assistance. The only real negative that I found about Frontier is that Tests show it to be one of the slowest services when compared to it's competitors.

The second ISP that I looked into was AT&T. At&T is an ISP that offers a variety of different internet options and exceptional security. They are more widely known as a telephone and cell phone service provider and offer tons of products. They provide DSL and dial up services to millions of customers and fiber internet connections with a product called U-Verse to their reported 18 million customers. Their DSL speeds range from 768 Kbps to 24 Mbps. They offer customer service via telephone email and chat. I have also read that this company takes care of it's customers better than most competitors. Their U-Verse high-speed internet plans include the Pro with 3 Mbps, Elite with 6 Mbps, Max with 12 Mbps, Max Plus with 18 Mbps and the fastest deal seems to be the Max Turbo with 18 Mbps. Extras that are included in an At&t subscription include secure email accounts, Yahoo integration, internet security, hardware for deployment of wireless internet and a strong firewall. In my area of Jackson, Ohio, the fastest package that is offered is the 6 Mbps for $19.95 per month and all packages lower for $14.95 a month each. At&t is ranked high among its competitors for overall service but Full services are not available in all areas.

The third and final ISP that I researched is a company called Comcast. Comcast began providing cable TV in 1969 in Tupelo, Missouri. They are the largest cable provider in the United States, serving over 17 million internet customers. Currently they offer residential internet speed packages ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 105 Mbps. Comcast offers cable TV, internet and telephone services to 39 states and wireless internet across most of the U.S. Like At&t's U-verse, Comcast has Xfinity which gives it's users the ability to download HD movies, music and games. Watch TV online upload pictures or just enjoy the web. Comcast offers packages like the Performance with 20 Mbps, Blast Plus with 30 Mbps, Extreme 50 with 50 Mbps, and the Extreme 105 Mbps. These packages range from $29.99 a month to $199.95 a month.

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