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Alex's Homepage and HTML tutorial page

please remove your shoes before entering.

Things I like

  1. Dungeons and Dragons
  2. Video Games and the surrounding culture
  3. Software, and the programming there of
  4. The study of history
  5. Cooking


Dungeons and Dragons is a table top role-playing game about writing up an original character and having adventures in a fantasy world.
My favourite character was a mercenary captain named 'Bran' who frequently failed at every "ingenious" plan he tried blew up in his face forcing him to construct hair-brained plan-b's

Video games ETC.

I love me some vidya games. PC gaming is what first turned me on to the beauty of the personal computer.
An interest in game development is what got me interested in computer programming

My favorite is Dark Souls


I eat kilobytes for breakfast and dream in C++. I have a USB port that connects directly to my central nervous system.


I love to study history because history is a story. It's greatest story ever told. It's the story of everyone.
I particularly enjoy the history of medieval Europe and Asia because it's full of big personalties who live by the sword and die by the sword to leave legacies lasting centuries.


Cooking is basically coding, except with ingredients instead HTML tags.