Use of the Internet has grown rapidly over the course of my life. When I was a child, the Internet was slow. To even connect to the Interent itself was an ordeal. You had to wait for it to dial and hear those awful, static tones until you finally got to the site you wanted. Most people at that time only got on the interent to check email or maybe browse a few websites. I was one part of a generaton that was able to grow up with the Internet, and watch it become arguably the most important "object" in our lives today.

I first began to use the Internet regularly in middle school. Instant messaging, posting comments on my friends' social media profiles, and surfing goofy websites was pretty much where my interests lied at that time. It wasn't until high school when I truly began to truly explore and understand just how massive, useful, and amazing the Internet was and had become. Unlmited (although not always true) information, easier access to fun and entertainment than ever before, and the ablitly to meet and connect with anyone anywhere in the world.

Today, at 19 years old, the Internet has become a necessary part of my life. It has allowed me to meet some of my best friends, solve problems, and get an education. It is like nothing else we have in the world today. It is something somebody can experience every day and still learn something new each time they log on. Growing up with the Internet has been an amazing experience, and I know the future is going to be even better. The thing I love most about the Internet is while people get older and slower, the Internet just gets newer and faster.