Toronto, Canada

I have only been to a few places in my life, but Canada is the more recent place that I've been to in the last couple years. It is my favorite place as of now because of the friendly environment, the night life, and the tourism. Most people recognize Canada through Niagara Falls, but I recognize Canada for the hospitality.


In this picture I am 19 years old. In Canada your allowed to drink over there at that age and it was one of the reasons I was really looking forward to the trip to begin with. I was also on a mission to find some Cuban cigars, which I must say are not that special. Before we were able to sit down and have drinks, we had to walk around for about two hours looking for this bar specifically. We've been to this bar before a few years ago so we wanted to go to it again. Nothing like a cold beer when its even colder outside.

Night Life

Walking around the streets at night never felt so safe. That may be my favorite part of Canada. People are just walking around at night and having a good time and shopping and taking pictures. You can tell that you're definitely not the only tourist. There are so many places to shop and explore. The whole area we stayed at was a huge tourist attraction.

Real Chinese Food

We went to a mall called Pacific Mall over in Chinatown. This is real Chinese food. Not the stuff that you get take out and the little square paper boxes. Chinese Dim Sum done right. Chinatown was like not even being in Canada or North America. Nobody there spoke English whatsoever. I tried to order some noodles and the waitress didn't even understand what I was saying. I had to fold up my napkin and depict to her what noodles were.

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