Star Wars: The Old Republic. Imperial Agent.

To many, this will be the most boring summer you've ever read about; to me, it was a great vacation. Over the summer I played a massive multiplayer online game called Star Wars: The Old Republic. I played an Imperial Agent, which is similar to a James Bond like character. Without spoiling too much of the story, I traveled to many planets infiltrating enemy lines by becoming a spy and assassinating high value targets. My character has dethroned rebelious kings, defeated mighty Sith Lords, and even stopped Jedi Masters. Although my character was not the most law abiding citizen, he always got the job done and got the girl.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. Jedi Knight.

After completing my Imperial Agent's story and hitting the max level, I decided to switch sides and play a Jedi Knight. This time instead of playing mostly solo, my friend joined me. He played a Smuggler and was able to heal us and keep us alive in many situations where I would have died if I were playing alone. You could call us a consortium. We dominated enemies and bosses didn't have a chance against us in dungeons. We were geared to the teeth. I could pull dozens of mobs and we would easily wipe them out. My story started as a Padawan, going after The Emperor and trying to redeem him to the light side, and eventually reaching the rank of Master.

Battlefield 3

While taking a break from Star Wars, I would play a shooter called Battlefield 3. My favorite map is Operation Metro because everyone runs to the middle of the map and it is a war with 64 people. Games can last anywhere from a half an hour to two hours and the objective is to kill as many people as possible on the opposing team. I usually play the Assault class. I try to stay out of the line of fire and keep other players healed or revive them if they go down. I prefer to play defensively, but if there is an opportunity to advance in position, I can do that just as well.

Arma 3

I play Star Wars on the weekends and Battlefield 3 when I'm in the mood for it. More recently, I have been playing a military simulation called Arma 3. It is very similar to Battlefield 3, but much more realistic. The pace that the game is played at is much slower pace than Battlefield 3. So far I have only been playing the Beta version, but I'm very happy with how the game is coming along so far.

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