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A Brief History

I really like video games. I have been playing them ever since I was a child. I have played anything from arcade games like Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to massive online PC games such as World of Warcraft where I played that on and off since 2006. Currently I haven't been playing much due to the start of school, but when I do have time, I play a fantasy role playing game called Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and a science fiction shooter called Mass Effect.

Why Am I In This Class

Video games are the main reason I chose Computer Science as my major. I have played games on my computer for years now. Growing up and not having anyone in my family that really knew much about computers, I've probably ruined three or four perfectly working desktop and laptops computers from trial and error. I really got into computer hardware when I was playing World of Warcraft. I wanted the best graphics and I didn't want to sacrifice any performance so I spent hundreds of dollars replacing and upgrading parts in my computer. Well, I had to buy and return many parts because I would buy the incorrect parts and it wouldn't fit on my motherboard. So because of the heartbreak of returning a $300 graphics card and paying restocking fees, I vowed that I would learn about computers and expand my knowledge of them.

More Than A Game

Video games have also made me who I am. They are my place of escape, where I can be at peace, but at the same time still be focused. I credit my hand-eye coordination to them. The way I strategize and analyze problems, I feel I have learned from video games. They're not all about shooting enemies or using magic to kill dragons. I think of them as simulations sometimes. An example of this would be taking online computer science classes through Testout. The hardware simulation felt very much like a video game to me and I was very comfortable with that. I think that it gives me a competitive edge because I can play these simulations or video games and be able to take what I've practiced and use it physically when dealing with hardware or problem solving.

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