Anathema is a 3rd person action RPG, still a work in progress and currently being developed by me and a team of 11.

Click to play web build (requires unity plug in)

Flight of the DODO is also a game slated for iOS and web based deployment that is currently being designed and developed by myself and Ryan Mohler(fellow student). In a world were DODO’s are on the brink of extinctions its your mission to survive. To survive you must seek out all the female DODO’s left in the world and mate! mate! mate! Unfortunately your rival species has captured almost all the females left on this planet. Its our mission to seek out these planes and to mate with the falling birds and create eggs and collect them faster than the rate of death. Its now your responsibility to save your species. Link to first playable below.

Worked briefly on a game for the iPad titled cracked.

Larry the Lunchbox is a game currently being designed and developed by myself and Steve Mokris (professor). The game is slated for iOS and is scheduled to be done and on the app store this summer. The game revolves around a lunchbox with an amazing gift, the gift of food. This lunch box can create food at will, Larry, being good at heart, has the dream to feed the hunger of the world. Naturally, evil corporations would love to get their hands on Larry, in order to exploit his gift. After being captured, Larry's mission to escape from this giant skyscraper one floor at a time using his magic food producing powers to get past guards and solve puzzles.

Larry the lunchbox

First Playable
The Demo can be played here:
Click to play web build (requires unity plug in, and remember that it was designed for the iPhone so some things may not work exactly as intended)

You may also play each of the two individual mini games I designed and programmed here:

Wall Jumpper Mini Game

Drop Down Mini Game