Welcome to my sight! My name is Anita Gill. I am a student at Ohio University. I am working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I would like to earn an associate's degree in another field to add to my achievements.

About me

Being a college student is not the highest achievement that I have earned, although it is high on my list. I am a mother of four amazing children. Each of my children are unique in their personality and their talents. We have a lot of diversity of interests at our house. I try to encourage and inspire my children to follow their interests and as a college student, I hope to show them that anything is possible.

My Family

I am also a happily married woman. My husband Greg works very hard to support our family, and he supports me as I undergo the journey of pursuing my dream job. As a family, we enjoy cheering one another on in softball and baseball, camping, fishing and hiking. We also support each of our children in their hobbies and interests ranging from music for my oldest daughter, art for my oldest son, tinkering and building for our youngest son to fashion for our four-year-old princess.

My Inspiration

Many people ask me how I do it all. It is not always easy to balance such a full plate, but it is not impossible either. One of my favorite quotes is from Audry Hepbern " Nothing is impossible, The word itself says I'm possible". Encouragement for and from others is also a key component to success. No man is an island, and life is so much better when we work together. I draw a great deal of inspiration from Sibyl Chavis. She once made a vow not to complain for 40 days, and it forever changed her life. I encourage you to check out her site. Click here to go to Possibility Of Today

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