Riders and race fans join us to take on the world, to challenge the laws of gravity. Weather your a rider or fan you see the Passion in the eyes of all rider's as their engines drum their drum. Their hearts thumping like a thousand running mustangs. Watching waiting for the gate to drop and the roar of the riders flying out the gate to accomplish the task ahead of just pure enjoyment and fun. I've always loved motocross, the sounds of the bikes, the competition, feeling the wind hit me, everything. But It wasn't really my life until I met my boyfriend and their family. I came from what I thought was a normal family, my biological mother abused me as we'll as my biological father and his wife. Two years ago I was still in an abusive situation. Now for two years I've been living in a supportive home with now my fiancé and his family. The great thing is his younger brother loves motocross just like me. Zane my brother in law who i call my brother races motocross and my mother and father in law who I call my mom and dad and myself are members at C.O.C.R race track in sugar grove ohio here's a link to check us out at http://www.cocrmx.com/. So my passion is motocross and I have the Walters the only family I know to thank for my passion.

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