My Summer

Standard hosting>This past summer I didn't do too much because I tore my Miniscus. I had surgery in the begining of April on my right knee. Well my doctor found out that I had a lot of cartlage damage in my knee. He explained to me that as a twenty year old my knee looked what a forty year-old's knee would look like. He suggejted that I have my left knee be operated on, My parents and i finally agreed on having the surgery well my mom works as a teacher assistant for the handicap children at Medill elementary. So we waited untill june to have my second procedure on my left knee. Both surgries went well and my knees are better, well kinda. in conclusion thats how the first part of my summer.

Dedicated server> The second part of my summer I worked on getting my knees better. Also I went to my brothers motocross races and cheered him on. We celebrated when he was victorious and even when he didnt get a trophy because with every race he improves and becomes better and stronger everyday. He did scare me one race with what looked like a horriable accident. The track Has a back step up and he was riding hard and trying to pass a fellow racer and he came off the jump wrong, he looked like a little rag doll in the air, I was standing by our dad and he works at the starting gate and our mom works in the concession stand my dad stood their concerned i stood their anxious not caring that i just had two knee surgries a month ago. My dad said go tell your mom but SHOUTED "WALK DONT HURT YOUR KNEES". Well selective hearing took its part and I took off running too tell my mom, the ting is he crashed on the oppiste side of the track. When I got over too him the ambulance was there and said he didnt break anything. But being strong as he is the second moto he raced and placed first and cot a trophy. The next day he had bumps and brusies and was sore.

Co-Location> The third cool thing i did this summer was that I went too kings island with my parents and little brother. We rode every ride and some even twice. My favorite ride is The fire Hawk. when you get in your sitting up and when the ride starts you lay down, and you slowly creep up the top and then you fly down the ride flipping and turning and having a rush while most of the time your looking down at the ground. IT WAS A GREAT TIME WITH MY FAMILY!!

Co-Location> In conclusion my Summer Was fun even though I had two knee surgries. Actually my summer isn't even over i go to the track five more times and that i consider to be my summer fun. With my new family The Walters every day with them is an aswome vacation.

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