Website developer. Visual communicator. Sunshine lover.

My goal is to enthusiastically make whatever I can more accessible, user-friendly, and exciting to work with, especially when it comes to websites. I organize everything that I can get my hands on. I'm always searching for ways to spend more time outside. Check out some of my best work below, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Web Designer for OHIO's Division of Student Affairs

OHIO's Division of Student Affairs houses ten very diverse departments, and it's my job to transfer each of these departments' web pages to OHIO's new template while developing and editing both visual and textual content along the way as needed. I began each process by looking at the website's current navigation, checking each link, and reorganizing the order.

Old DOSA Site Map

Before: Site Map

Old Division of Student Affairs site map with old, unused links

New DOSA Site Map

After: Site Map

New, reorganized and simplified Division of Student Affairs site map

Before: Website

View the old Division of Student Affairs website here

After: Website

View the new Division of Student Affairs website here

Soul of Athens presents Appalachia: The Land & The People

This 10th annual student-run publication set out to show viewers why the people of Appalachia are proud to call it home. As Lead Website Developer, I assisted in the production of wireframes, assembled content from story producers on the website pages, and focused on website functionality. I managed the other developers on my team by keeping up with our to do list and assigning jobs based on the others' abilities and interests.

Final Website

View the final 17 page website here

OHIO Division of Student Affairs Internship

I served as the Multimedia Design intern for the Ohio University Division of Student Affairs in the Vice President's office. I was on a marketing and media team with a photographer, videographer, and social media intern. We work both individually and collaboratively on various projects for the 9 departments in our division.

Bobcats of Athens

Collaborative social media project for OHIO Homecoming 2015 that gained over 42,000 impressions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; view full website here

CPS 50th Anniversary Program

Program for OHIO's Counseling & Psychological Services 50th Anniversary event

CSSR Assistant Director Advertisement

Social media advertisement for a job in Community Standards & Student Responsibility

WVU Extension Internship

I learned about this internship through my job as an Extension Camping Instructor for West Virginia University. A new disc golf course was installed at Jackson's Mill State 4-H Camp Historic District, and my current boss was looking for someone to design the course map and par signs. I travelled around the course to sketch each hole, and then I designed each piece in Adobe Illustrator. In addition, I had the opportunity to present my work at a marketing meeting to employees of WVU Extension and international pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. My work, which includes 2 large course maps, 19 par signs, list of rules, and score sheets, is currently posted and in use at the site in Weston, WV.

Course Map

Course map for the disc golf course posted at Jackson's Mill pool

Score Sheet

Score sheet and course map for disc golf course

Par Sign

Design for par sign #4

Par Sign

Design for par sign #13


These infographics were produced for VICO 3111 during Fall Semester 2014. Our instructor gave us a general prompt, such as, "Make a timeline," or "Make a map." I completed all concepts, research, and designs. Each project was designed in Adobe Illustrator.

There's More Than One Way to Make A Pizza

Map: Variety of famous pizza styles across the United States

What Happens on the Inside of an ATM?

Illustration: What happens between swiping your debit card and reciving cash at an ATM

The Curse of the Job

Timeline: Progression of Defense Against the Dark Arts professors in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series

Adult Global Illiteracy

Diagram: Facts and statistics about adult illiteracy around the world


I've also assisted many of my peers and colleagues develop their personal brands. I really enjoy conveying the personality of someone or the culture of an organization through colors, fonts, and design. Here are some examples of resumes and logos I've developed.

Alexa Pressman

Resume for a peer, interested in working in the music industry and concert photography

Brad Friedman

Resume for a peer, interested in digital marketing for sports teams

Shoshanna Blair

Resume for peer, interested in social media and theatre

CAKE, Inc. Video Productions

Logo for student-run video production crew