CTCH 1270

All About Energy

Energy generation is a lot easier than you think and a very interesting field. It is diverse with a wide range technologies and can be useful whether your trying to save money and take on a new hobby. Below i will discuss inovations im making in energy conservation.

Stop Those Pipes From Freezing

If you live in the country, and your pipes have frozen before, you may wanna listen closely. You will need lots of pop cans, clear mylar, insulated ducting, a wooden box without a lid, black spray paint, gorilla glue,reflective mylar or mirrors, and an inline fan for this project. I start with a rectangular wooden box(8'L,2'W,8"D) without the 8' X 2' lid. I spraypaint the inside and outside black. While the box drys, i cut the tops and bottoms out of over a hundred cans. I then stack cans into long 8' poles, gorilla glueing them together. I then spraypaint them black. Back the box i measure how rows can fit in my box. Since its 2' wide, i can fit 8 rows, because each can row is 3" wide. I then cut 8 holes on both of the 2' X 8" side of the box. To finalize everything before assembly, i give the cans and the box a second black coat to ensure they will absorb as much lumins as possible.

Now that everything is prepped its time to assemble this wonderful machine. Using the black rows of cans, i connect the holes on the opposite side of the box. I do this for this set of holes. Then i using ducting or a connector box on each end, i convert the eight holes into one. Next i connect both of the main ducting lines to each connector box. Then i connect the intake to an inline fan. Next i completely wrap the box in the clear mylar, making it taught for a professional finish. And tada! your heating device is done. Both ends of go underneath your house to the crawspace, making sure the inline fan is not in the rain. Then simply face the box longways to match the rise and set of the sun. You can use mirrors or reflective mylar to reflect more light into the box, where the black will absorb the light and turn it into heat.(highly reccomended). The mylar wrapping around the box traps long light waves in, which heats up the air inside as well. Also important is to keep the fan on a timer that synchronizes with daylight hours; that way the fan doesnt run when its night. I enjoy these types of projects and am constantly doing new ones so stick around for new postings!