My name is Andrew Curry and I am a student enrolled in CTCH1270 here at Ohio University - Lancaster.
I am currently working on a CTCH degree and this is my last year. I have learned about networking, building
and securing personal computers, and am now learning how to build and manage webpages. Outside of school
I have a deep interest in music and i would like to make a living as a musician, but i am earning a degree first
to at least have something to fall back on. I currently am employed at Cristy's Pizza as a delivery driver and
the job is pretty great. I get to drive around all day in my rust bucket car and jam to the music I like. After I
get my degree and become an IT, i will hopefully make enough money to afford more than fast food and

The Musics

     Sup I have a wide variety of music interests - from jazz, to blues, to thrash metal - but I mainly stick to writing
in the metal genre. I started learning about music and music theory in middle school where I learned to play the
alto saxophone. I was originally influenced by jazz music, since the saxophone is usually a main instrument, and
I ended up playing in my high school's jazz band. I got to be the lead alto and did a lot of soloing and playing on
stage. I got my first guitar when I was twelve after I saw one of my friends playing. He showed me how to play
some Metallica songs, and that was my gateway into metal music. I have been playing guitar for seven years now,
but i have been a lazy player for most of that time. I have pretty much only practiced every now and then and have
only recently been making sure to practice every day. I also try my hand at being a vocalist, but I am only
mediocre at clean singing. I prefer screaming and thrashy vocals for metal anyway, and those are musch easier
to do.

      I grew up listening to whatever my mom would play in the car. She would play radio rock music, country, and
*shudders at the thought* 80's pop. I also grew up without internet as a child - I know, hard to belive - so those genres
were all the music that was avilable to me. After I got my guitar, I saved up for an mp3 player and I got all Metallica
songs and many Stevie Ray Vaughan songs from my friend. I pretty much only listened to them for several years until
I was able to buy my first car. Now that I have a car and internet I have a much wider variety of music. I have well over
50 albums accumulated in the past year, and I always listen to CD's in my car. Currently my favorite bands are
Within The Ruins, Veil Of Maya, Lamb of God, Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage and several others.