Sweet Summertime

This past summer was an adventurous one. Some of the events of last summer will forever live in my memory, while the others I would rather forget. Summer seems to go by faster every year, so I try to make the most out of each and every moment. These are just a few of the adventures that I embarked on last summer.


June 18-21. Along with a few others, I participated in a mission trip in which we traveled to the tiny town, Wellston, Ohio. We had no idea what our assignment would be, only that we would find out when we arrived at the worksite. When we arrived to the worksite, we were told that we would be building a deck and a ramp at the entrance of a mobile home. The kicker is no one in our group had any carpentry experience. So, we took the bull by the horns and started to build even though we weren't really sure of ourselves. The whole process was frustrating and near 100 degree temperatures didn't make it any better. We were all irritated at each other by the end of the week, but we completed the project. It was very rewarding to meet the woman who lived in the home and see her gratitude for all of our hard work. Sure it wasn't easy, but now someone else's life is a little bit easier.


July 10 & August 19. One of my best friends, my mom, and I made our way to The Schottenstein Center to see Bruno Mars perform on one of his stops for The Moonshine Jungle Tour. I had listened to his music since he became a part of the music scene, but had never really taken a special interest in him. I wasn't even that excited about going to the concert. I was just going to have a good time with my best friend and my mom, but as soon as that concert started, something changed in me. I really loved Bruno after that first concert. He has such amazing talent. I actually prefer his voice live to the edited version. If you have never been to a really good concert before, you wouldn't know this feeling, but after the concert you almost become depressed. You loved it so much and feel the need to experience it again. As I was experiencing this "Post-Concert Depression", I decided that I needed to go again and spent an outrageous amount of money on tickets for another concert. So, on August 19 my best friend and I made the 3.5 hour journey to Indianapolis to enjoy "The Moonshine Jungle" once again. I didn't think that it was possible, but the second time around was better. I was closer to the stage and got the full experience. His spirit is infectious and I will definitely be at his next concert, preferably front row.


August 30-September 2. My family rented a house in Man, West Virginia so that we could have a long weekend of trail riding on the Hatfield & McCoy trails. We arrived late Friday night and woke up early so we could hit the trails. After one day of trail riding, I was already tired and sore and didn't really want to go out again. The next day we went to the Buffalo Mountain trail and started out on what would be a long ride. We made it to the end of the trail and stopped to have a lunch break in Kentucky. After a quick rest, we started to make our way back. On this leg of the trip, I noticed that the trails seemed a little more slick than when we had traveled through before. We were on our way down a steep, rocky hill when I went off the side of the trail and down the mountain. Just before this I remember thinking, "Man, that would really suck to go off the side." Luckily I walked away with only scratches and bruises. My guardian angel was definitely watching over me that weekend.


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