My Summer Vacation

New York, one of the great states that I have ever been too. With its rich culture and amazing scenery, there's no telling what's not great about it. Last year my family and I went to New York City to visit some family, but more importantly for me, to see the great landmarks and places that make New York, New York.

The Places I Seen

There were so many places to go and so little time. We immediately went to town square to see the iconic stores and buildings. We visited a comic bookstore and took some pictures with some wax figures of some iconic characters and actors like; The Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Bumblebee from Transformers. We also went to The Statue of Liberty, the 911 memorial site, and Madison Square Garden.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my vacation to New York was great. I got to see a lot of the landmarks I had listed on my planer, we got to meet family members that I hadn't seen in almost 8yrs, and we captured great pictures and videos to keep the memories we made on our trip alive and well.

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